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Self determined localized food security

Simple Steps to create self-determined localized food security

Test the soil. 

Know your starting baseline for soil health and toxins so that you can create an appropriate remediation plan. You want to remove the toxins before you plant the food.



Leverage the incredible healing power of nature to heal the toxins in your landscapes and surrounding areas. Not only does this improve air and water quality, it also helps ensure that your food is free of poisonous residues. 


Make the soil microbes thrive. Healthy soils require a lot less maintenance. 

The diversity of inputs in your soil, compost, and vermicompost create a diverse and healthy habitat for microorganisms to thrive. 


Do the homework

If you are a smaller family unit (approx. 1-10 ppl)

  • Review grocery lists and receipts from all times of the year (especially if seasonality is a factor). 

  • The most consumed/purchased items are the priority to purchase and plant in your garden. 

Larger community model ( 10+ ppl and to communities of all sizes)

  • Everyone writes their favorite foods in ranking order. The grocery list/receipts can be used to be done on a household level.

  • Lists are aggregated across the community with the most popular foods being prioritized to be planted first (based on appropriate seasonality).

  • Culturally affirming medicinal herbs also to be added as well as fruit and nut trees. 


Grow the food, medicine, and trees appropriate for the local community that is culturally affirming and appealing. 

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