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We Work With You To Create & Manage Sustainable Healthy Landscapes


It's time to restore the earth's natural cycles, at home. Our onsite services are available to residents of the California greater Bay Area as well as scheduled site visits. 


If you are interested in Permaculture Design work or more complex projects, the hourly rate is $250. This includes a site visit as well as an official Dirt Revolution intake process. 

Site Specific Soil Safety Consultation + Treatment Plan

A full range of services including: initial soil consultation, soil testing, soil test result analysis and recommendations, phytoremediation treatment plan, onsite composting or vermiculture plus your own Personal Food Growing Plan.  


Soil Testing

We take a composite sample of your landscape and send it to be processed for results.  We then analyze the results and work with you to establish a clear recommended plan of action.  For best results, this service in used in conjunction with Phytoremediation.



Phytoremediation is the use of plants to remove toxins in soil, air and water. By using the results from your soil test, we strategically plant and monitor specific plants to heal your soil.  This may require multiple cycles to completely eliminate toxins in your landscape. NoteThis service requires our Soil Testing service.



Worms will make your garden glow! Worms can accelerate the process of decomposition and make nutrients readily available to your plants.  If the environment is right, a small initial amount of worms will create a wonderful rich and healthy garden. 



Once your soil is clean, we then create a thriving microorganism population in the soil.  Microorganisms have a symbiotic relationship with plants and defend them against pests and diseases. Compost is a great way to build up a microorganism community. We work with you to create an onsite system that works for you.


Personalized Food Growing Plan

After toxins are removed and your soil is restored, it's time to plant your food forest!  This service includes 5 organic fruit trees and 3 additional edible plants as well as a plan to support the growth and maintenance of the plants.


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